Level3 Music Media Vault - listed by location

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Airtime Studios, Bloomington, IN [12 listings]
Altes Pfandhaus, Cologne, Germany [11 listings]
Artsgarden, Indianapolis, IN [20 listings]
Bangkok Restaurant, Indianapolis, IN [4 listings]
Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN [1 listing]
Bechstein Zentrum, Tuebingen, Germany [13 listings]
Bloomington, IN [9 listings]
Bluebird [1 listing]
Bridgeport, WV [11 listings]
Bubba's, Indianapolis [2 listings]
Cellar Lounge, Bloomington, IN [3 listings]
Chatterbox, Indianapolis, IN [7 listings]
Denver, CO [1 listing]
Easley Winery, Indianapolis, IN [5 listings]
Fluttering Duck, Greencastle, IN [8 listings]
Funky Butt, New Orleans, LA [1 listing]
Galt House, Louisville, KY [5 listings]
Griffy Lake, Bloomington, IN [2 listings]
High School South Jazz Festival, Bloomington, IN [8 listings]
Home [25 listings]
Indianapolis Central Library [10 listings]
Indianapolis, IN [1 listing]
IU Musical Arts Center, Bloomington, IN [2 listings]
IUPUI recital hall [8 listings]
Jazz At The Station, Bloomington, IN [9 listings]
Jazz Avenue, Columbus, IN [15 listings]
Jazz Factory, Louisville, KY [6 listings]
Jazz Kitchen, Indianapolis, IN [19 listings]
Landestheater Tuebingen [7 listings]
Marshall University, Huntington, WV [7 listings]
Monroe County Public Library, Bloomington [1 listing]
Old Myers Rd, Bloomington, IN [109 listings]
Players Pub, Bloomington, IN [16 listings]
Sidebar Nola, New Orleansm LA [10 listings]
Southern Stone, Bloomington, IN [2 listings]
Steve Davis' Studio, Nashville, IN [2 listings]
Thalia Theater, Albstadt, Germany [6 listings]
The Bar, Balingen, Germany [2 listings]
The Hill Center, Washington, DC [1 listing]
The Jazz Kitchen, Indianapolis, IN [1 listing]
The Seasons, Nashville, IN [1 listing]
The Stables [4 listings]
Third Street Park, Bloomington, IN [16 listings]
Tutto Bene, Bloomington, IN [4 listings]
University ES and Fairview ES [1 listing]
West Baden Springs Hotel, IN [8 listings]
WFHB, Bloomington, IN [1 listing]
White Fir Studios [1 listing]
White Fir Studios, Trochtelfingen, Germany [1 listing]
WTIU, Bloomington, IN [6 listings]
Zeitgeist, New Orleans, LA [1 listing]
Zorbas, Champaign, IL [3 listings]