ACME records movie library: Griffy Dry Lake

Artist: New Now

Sunday afternoon adventure. Griffy Lake, a few miles from our house is now almost dry. The dam has to be repaired. People used to come there for ice skating. As we soon discovered the bottom of the lake is not quite as dry as it looks. After we had crossed half the distance to the dam mom and kids got stuck in the mud and were SINKING deeper with every move! Unfortunately the cameraman (daddy) had to interrupt video taping to gather some large tree branches so the trapped folks could get themselves unstuck. Strange that everybody seemed to be pretty cool except myself. Lesson learned: If you have to hike on Griffy Dry Lake bring snow shoes?..

Music: Movement 8 from "Griffy Lake Suite" for Baritone Guitar & String Quintet by Peter Kienle

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Recorded at Griffy Lake, Bloomington, IN on 11/18/2012
Length: 00:03:07

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